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uMs Microscope System to buy
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uMs Microscope System X


Sensapex uMs microscopes

uMs microscope setup.jpg

Key benefits

  • Flexible and easy to use – modular yet integrated
  • Most stable and solid design – our xy-stage is stiffer than a railway rail!
  • Smooth positioning – minimum vibrations, also during fast speed
  • Highest accuracy – real-time closed-loop control
  • Compact but versatile – slim where needed for practically unlimited scalability
  • High resolution and large range – 4 nm resolution over 85×120 mm (xy) and 40 mm (z-focus) range
  • Automation ready – integrated with short latency PC connection and open-source SDK
  • Wide selection of optics and imaging options – choose from any Nikon and other supported 3rd party options




Latest technology and unique design

uMs microscope products were developed in response to regular requests from uMp micromanipulator customers for more stable and accurate upright microscope setups. Our design is based on stationary microscope with automated sample positioning.

  • uMs-FN1 is an upright microscope, which includes Sensapex closed-loop controlled z-focus. Slim stand provides ample space around the sample and objective.
  • In addition to supporting standard Nikon imaging options, top surface of the stand includes scalable and stable optical breadboard for confocal and/or multiphoton applications (or custom solutions).
  • Bottom part of the microscope with transmitted light illumination can be removed for in vivo and other reflected light applications.
  • Optimized for highest stiffness and finest motion control: superior stability and accuracy in combination with smoothest movement!



Cost efficient and future proof

uMs products provide flexible and affordable platform to implement all classic electrophysiology and imaging experiments, while also supporting state-of-art imaging techniques and emerging automations. For example, uMs-FXY is ultra stable fixed stage that works as stand-alone product for stationary samples, but can be later combined with the uMs-MXY translator for motorized sample positioning. uMs products integrate seamlessly together and with other Sensapex devices. They can be controlled by stand-alone uMp controllers or by PC via short latency Ethernet interface and open-source Sensapex SDK.

uMs microscopes are supported in the ACQ4 open-source software platform, which is tailored for neurophysiology experiments and growing user base for the automated techniques. Join the community to implement latest technology to your experiments!

Versatile control options

  • uMp-TSC touch screen unit and uMp-RW3 rotary wheel controllers provide intuitive control interface
  • 1-click objective exchange with automated pre-change lift, off-set correction and post-change dipping
  • Camera image based sample and pipette tip control together with uMp micromanipulators: click your target from image to place it to desired location and/or to drive pipette tip to it accurately.


Products - uMs Microscope System (7)

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