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Commercial neuroscience fiber photometry systems for in vivo imaging

There are many options available when it comes to monitor neural activity in freely moving animals. In this article one specific technique: fiber photometry will be briefly discussed. After offering an overview of the method, the most common solutions are listed to take into consideration when equiping your lab with such technology.

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Who are the key players of the two photon market? Part II.

In the previous blog we summarized the well-established two-photon manufacturers. As the list was not complete, in this blog we present those companies which might not have as much recognition. There could be more potential companies so our list is not perfect; if we missed someone please contact us.

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How to modulate the network in the brain? Part II.

There are many different ways to modify an active neuronal enviroment. Last time budget friendly tools were highlighted. Here, I present several interesting high-end solutions for complex neuroscience questions.

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Who are the key players of the two photon market? Part I.

There are many manufacturers out-there with multiple variations and numerous options. You do not need to hunter them, here we give a summary, a list of established companies with a great reputation. Their flagship products are also highlighted, and the main strengths of the products are briefly summarized.

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How to modulate the network in the brain? Part I.

In this short section the most popular tools for photostimulation are discussed. All of them have pros and cons, the devil is always in the detail. In part II high-end techniques will be summarized in brief.

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PMT lives matter!

How to protect our PMTs during 2p imaging?
Here we try to answer this question. Starting from the selection of the most suitable photocathode for neuroscience. Finishing with what happens when a PMT's life ends, but mainly what we need to do to keep the lifetime of our PMTs as long as possible in neurosciences research.

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Which first rig should I buy? Part I.

Right now there are tons of different options regarding the microscopes on the market. It is quite difficult to decide which rig would be the best for the first project. Here, I highlight the pros and contras of some popular rigs. Thoughts about a simple yet complex question.

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Head-restrained device comparison!

Here we tried to give a comparison to the public about the commercially available devices. It can serve as guidance for anyone who is interested to run head-fixed rodent behavioral multiphoton or electrophysiological recordings.

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