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Who are the key players of the two photon market? Part II.
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Who are the key players of the two photon market? Part II.

In the previous blog we summarized the well-established two-photon manufacturers. As the list was not complete, in this blog we present those companies which might not have as much recognition. There could be more potential companies so our list is not perfect; if we missed someone please contact us.



Find the first part of this topic here.



Karthala ( 5+ employees )

Karthala is one of the newest suppliers in the multiphoton market. The company was founded in 2017 and is located in France (map).  Karthala is a success story of Stéphane Dieudonné’s lab (map).


Their top product is named AODscope. It provides solutions for voltage imaging with ULOVE technology by acousto-optic scanners.



Independent NeuroScience Services -  INSS  ( 3+ employees )

INSS is a UK-based company (map). The company was founded in 2016 to provide the neuroscience community with a new value proposition: instead of selling ready-made, one-size-fits-all microscopes, INSS builds bespoke and highly customizable systems in your lab using individual components from various industry-leading vendors. INSS helps you purchase these components directly from the supplier to ensure that you get the most cost-efficient solution for your particular requirements while maintaining the highest performance standards.

INSS product.jpg

Depending on the circumstances and requirements INSS charges either a time-based fee for services, a flat fee for an entire project, or a fixed price for an INSS-designed product or component.



Custom & Open-Source Systems - COSYS ( 3+ employees )

COSYS is a UK-based company (map).  COSYS was established in 2019. The company aims to disseminate multiphoton designs and other DIY/open-source technologies to neuroscience labs all over the world. Many great designs get published and the dissemination route isn't always obvious. As open-source science moves forward it gives great opportunities for talented engineers and scientists to build systems together.



#NeuroRigBuilder ( 2+ employees )

And here we are! As an emerging new service, the #NeuroRigBuilder brand on the site neurorigbuilder.com, and we, the team behind, aims to be the number-one equipment resource portal for non-clinical neuroscience researchers. We help neuroscientists find the best solutions among manufacturers of neuroscience equipment as well as the best tools for their in-vivo and in-vitro experiments.

Our mission is to display as much equipment and as many tools as possible originating from any country around the world. Moreover, we try to make all competitive products comparable. Additionally, we develop numerous services, making the time spent on our site genuinely useful.


Find the first part of this topic here.

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