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3D accelerometer for fine-tuned behavioral experiments
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Presenting our latest addition: the 3D accelerometer!

Connecting behavioral observations to nervous system activity has become increasingly important. Diverse technologies are available for measuring the neuronal activity in freely moving rodents, such as in vivo imaging – e.g. fiber photometry – and electrophysiology recordings. Additionally, it is equally crucial to precisely detect, quantify, and classify animal behaviors.

The 3D accelerometer is used to detect movement onsets and discern specific behaviors, such as rearing. This tool allows head movement measurements at high temporal resolution and along 3 axes independently of each other. Lightweight and compact, the sensor board is easily mounted and can be carried by both mice and rats.

3D Accelerometer device.png

3D accelerometer device, including the sensor board and the sensor cable with connectors

An example of accelerometer measurements of head pitch and roll can be found in this article:


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https://www.neurorigbuilder.com #NeuroRigBuilder