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uMc Pressure control X

Boost patch-clamp recording throughput to next level!

Sensapex has commercialized the automated pipette cleaning technique developed by Dr. Ilya Kolb, Dr. Craig Forest and their colleagues (1), and manufactures related products under exclusive license from GTRC, USA. We are proud to facilitate adoption of this simple but powerful new innovation, which works robustly in real-life and enables automating micropipette techniques!

  • Forming giga seal requires pristine pipette tip -> traditionally pipette is changed after each recording and/or its attempt
  • Automated pipette cleaning enables immediate re-use -> reduced down-time and no loss of other recordings from manual handling related vibrations in multi-patch experiments
  • Thoroughly validated to be safe to cells in original publication by the inventors (1); see also recent publication by Dr. Peng et. al from Dr. Geiger laboratory (2), which demonstrates dramatic increase in throughput in the multi-patch experiments.


  1. Kolb I et. al. Cleaning patch-clamp pipettes for immediate reuse. Sci Rep. 2016 Oct 11;6:35001
  2. Peng Y et al. High-throughput microcircuit analysis of individual human brains through next-generation multineuron patch-clamp. Elife. 2019 Nov 19;8. pii: e48178.

Visit Sensapex Science for further information about the technique!

Pipette cleaning technique

Automated pipette cleaning process takes less than a minute and consist of following steps, which can be executed by the 1-click feature available at the uMp-TSC touch screen unit:

  1. uMp micromanipulator moves the pipette tip to dedicated cleaning well of the uMc pipette cleaning insert, which is filled with Alconox or Tergazyme
  2. uMc automated pressure controller sets negative pressure to the pipette to draw cleaning solution to the tip.
  3. Pressure is automatically changed between the positive and negative values to flush cleaning solution through the tip.
  4. Positive pressure pulse with extended duration is applied to expel all cleaning solution from the pipette with 10x safety factor.
  5. Pipette tip is moved to the dedicated rinsing well of the cleaning insert for further safety.
  6. Pressure is automatically changed between the positive and negative values to cycle rinsing solution through the tip.
  7. Pipette tip is moved accurately back to starting position.


Automated patch clamp pressure control

uMc automated pressure controllers can be also used to optimize and systematically apply pressure values that provide best data yield and quality for patch clamp recordings. 1-click quick buttons are available at the uMp-TSC to configure and set desired values for each step of the whole-cell patch clamp recordings in vitro and in vivo. Please see uM workstations for fully automated patch clamp workflows.


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