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New gap filler service: neuroscience Classifieds
https://www.neurorigbuilder.com #NeuroRigBuilder



Happen to have stuff in your lab that you won’t be needing anymore? An optical filter? An objective? A microscope? Free up your shelves, help your community and sell or donate your products to other labs! Support or supply other researchers while also earning enough to buy some disposables or wanted rig components for yourself.

#NRB Classifieds is an online service providing end-users or manufacturers a platform where they can get a chance to advertise those products which they do not need anymore. These can include new, unopened products, or used, even inoperable devices, equipment. 

This service is specifically dedicated to neuroscience equipment ! Much better than ebay ;-) You can browse products of your interest and not get caught up among the thousands of other products.

It is just as easy as your first anatomy exam... No, it is much easier!
Just upload an image of the product you would like to sell or donate after registration, give the neccessary information via a simple form, and that is it: just wait for the inflooding requests.

The owners of these ads can be reached directly through the contact details provided underneath.

Oh, and yes, it is free for both labs and individuals to use...

Post your ad now!

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https://www.neurorigbuilder.com #NeuroRigBuilder