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Deep imaging of Layer 6 corticothalamic neurons during behaviour tasks
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Recent paper from Professor Bernd Kuhn’s lab shows interesting results about the activity of Layer 6 corticothalamic neurons. They used two-photon long-term deep imaging (up to 8-900 µm) to visualize calcium responses during various behavioral tasks from locomotion to sleep. They found that Layer 6 corticothalamic neurons are either visual stimulus activated, suppressed, or quiet. Moreover, these ensembles complement each other and cause constant heterogeneous activity during any behavior state. That was the very first time to examine Layer 6 neurons with this method.

Source: https://www.cell.com/current-biology/pdfExtended/S0960-9822(20)31094-0

Augustinaite et al 2020 fig.JPG

2P reconstruction of examined area (scale in µm).

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