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Human genome imaging with OligoFISSEQ
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Novel method was published in the last issue of Nature METHODS about human genome imaging. Prof. C.-ting Wu and her laboratory introduced OligoFISSEQ technology which vastly increases the number of targets that can be visualized, putting us within reach of genome-wide imaging via the visualization of a multitude of subchromosomal regions. They presented three strategies (sequencing by ligation (SBL), synthesis (SBS) and hybridization (SBH)). They also presented a method to improve barcode detection and traced human X chromosome. In addition, they showed OligoFISSEQ method is compatible with super-resolution STORM microscopy. Super nice examples were shown in this excellent paper.



3D representation of the field of view (FOV) containing three cells sequenced with four rounds of O-LIT.

Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41592-020-0890-0

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