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Let's image! Genetic voltage indicators review
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Voltage-sensitive sensors are still a very promising dream of the future. Hopefully this ‘holy grail’ sensor will replace our ‘old friend’, the GCaMP family. In principle, this ‘holy grail’ could enable extremely high temporal resolution of spiking and synaptic activity even in large neuronal populations. Moreover, it could be a gamechanger in dendritic integration experiments as well. At Columbia University Rafael Yuste and his colleagues published a quite impressive review which summarize the recent important findings about these indicators. All the important information could be found in this article. Let’s image!

bando2019fig1.JPGHistorical overview of genetic voltage indicators.


Source: Bando, Y., Grimm, C., Cornejo, V.H. et al. Genetic voltage indicators. BMC Biol 17, 71 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12915-019-0682-0

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