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ERC PETITION! Please sign for science!
https://www.neurorigbuilder.com #NeuroRigBuilder



Let's help the research in Europe. Some scientists noticed there is significant reason to fear a cut the next European Research and Innovation Program, and they anticipate that this would also impact the European Research Council (ERC) funds.

ERC grants have become one of the most prestigious research grants in the world.
ERC has amazing statistics:  

- 75% of completed projects led to breakthroughs or major advances.
- ERC-grantees have received 7 Nobel Prizes, 4 Kavli Prizes and 4 Fields Medals 
- Over 9,500 top researchers have been funded, with 2/3 of grantees under 40 years old.
- Over 70,000 team members, mostly PhD students and postdocs, supported – training the next generation of excellent researchers.
- ERC research led to over 100,000 articles published, with more than 5,500 articles in the 1% most cited international scientific journals.
- ERC projects have led to over 1,200 patent applications and over 100 new ventures.

Here is the link where you can sign the petition!

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https://www.neurorigbuilder.com #NeuroRigBuilder