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No more fight with the cables. Go wireless!
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Absolute reliability, long term stability, and precision, are the features that describe a good micromanipulator. There are different manipulator types: hydraulic , piezoelectric , stepper motor. They all have different advantages, disadvantages compare to each other, but this will be presented in a longer blog section in August.

Most of the manipulators receive their control signals via wires. This is an industry-standard in all the companies, except one. MCI has tried something new. They decided on wireless technology. It was definitely a time, as wireless technology can be extremely stable just as a wired connection.

There is one potentially annoying problem what wireless techniques can solve. It is the wire itself, which sometime is in the way, or can be a pulling force on the manipulator. If the cable is not shielded well it can cause noise. Anyhow there are plenty wires either way around an ephys rig, so one less can help a bit. There is no price jump to go wireless, so MCI manipulators can offer all the requirements just without wires.

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https://www.neurorigbuilder.com #NeuroRigBuilder