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Game changer in multiphoton functional imaging?
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Many scientists believe acousto optical scanning is a very sophisticated and mysterious something. Well, it is partly true, this technique is a high-end tech nowdays. Nothing proves it better than a new article in the excellent Nature Methods from the Silver laboratory.

Imaging in awake animals is a challenging task because these random motions can generate tons of false data and can ruin the whole experiment. The authors claimed they found the way to eliminate these motion artefacts not after the experiment but real time. To achieve this, they controlled the scanning focal point by ultrasound waves. The main advantage of this method is the ultra-fast speed. Every cycle a reference object was scanned to check its 3D position. They modified the scanning pattern slightly according to the position of reference object. With this method they could eliminate almost every motion. This can not be done by conventional multiphoton microscopes.

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