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What are the benifits of the Gramophone?
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Femto-Gramophone is an affordable, single-dimension VR system allowing a head restrained mouse to respond to visual or to other stimuli by controlling its speed on a rotating disk.

Femtonics has tremendous experience in the in vivo head-restrained experimentation. They developed their own solution for head fixation by introducing a mobile device that is easy to adjust under the objective. The simplicity of the apparatus is the most attempting for 2p researchers.

As you first fixed the mice with a two-point head holder outside of the shading box. If it is necessary the height of the holder is adjustable.


The Gramophone can have an exact place under the microscope, therefore you will only need to fine adjustment to locate the cranial window under the objective by using the camera image and the XY positioner of your microscope.

If you would like to know more about the Gramophone and how it is combined with a VR system please check on: Gramophone Complete System

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